Revolutions o 1848

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Revolutions o Europe
Horace Vernet-Barricade rue Soufflot.jpg
Barricade on the rue Soufflot,[1][2] an 1848 pentin bi Horace Vernet. The Panthéon is shawn in the backgrund.
Date23 Februar 1848-early 1849
LocationWastren an Central Europe
An aw kent asSpring o Naitions, Springtime o the Peoples, Year o Revolution
PairteecipantsFowk o Fraunce, the German states, the Austrick Empire, the Kinrick o Hungary, the Italian states, Denmark, Wallachie, Ukraine, Poland, an ithers
OotcomeLittle poleetical chynge
Signeeficant social an cultural chynge

The Revolutions o 1848, kent in some kintras as the Spring o Naitions, Springtime o the Fowks[3] or the Year o Revolution, war a series o poleetical upheavals throuoot Europe in 1848. It remains the maist widespread revolutionary wave in European history, but reactionary forces regained control in each case, an the revolutions collapsed teepically within a year.

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