Republic o Texas

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Republic o Texas

(1839 – 1846)
Cairt o the Republic o Texas in dark reid. The claimed aurie is in licht reid, while admeenistered territory is in dark reid.
Caipital Washington-on-the-Brazos 1836 (provisional)
Harrisburg 1836 (proveesional)
Galveston 1836 (proveesional)
Velasco 1836 (proveesional)
Columbie 1836–37
Houston 1837–39
Austin 1839–46
Leids Inglis and Spainyie (de facto)

French, German an American Indian leids regionally

Government Republic
 -  1836 David G. Burnet
 -  1836–1838 Sam Houston
 -  1838–1841 Mirabeau B. Lamar
 -  1841–1844 Sam Houston
 -  1844–1846 Anson Jones
Vice Preses1
 -  1836 Lorenzo de Zavala
 -  1836–1838 Mirabeau B. Lamar
 -  1838–1841 David G. Burnet
 -  1841–1844 Edward Burleson
 -  1844–1845 Kenneth L. Anderson
 -  Unthirldom frae Mexico Mairch 2 1836
 -  Annexation bi the Unitit States o Americae December 29, 1845
 -  Transfer o pouer Februar 19 1846
 -  1840 1,007,935 km² (389,166 sq mi)
 -  1840 est. 70,000 
     Density 0.1 /km²  (0.2 /sq mi)
Siller Republic o Texas Dollar ($)
1Interim period (March 16-October 22, 1836): Preses: David G. Burnet, Vice Preses Lorenzo de Zavala
Wairnin: Value specified for "continent" does not comply

The Republic o Texas (Spainyie: República de Texas) wis an independent sovereign naition in North Americae which existit frae Mairch 2, 1836, tae Februar 19, 1846. It wis bordered bi the naition o Mexico tae the soothwast, the Gulf o Mexico tae the sootheast, the twa US states o Louisiana an Arkansas tae the east an northeast, an the Unitit States territories encompassin the current US states o Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, an New Mexico tae the north an wast.

Fairmed as a separate naition efter gainin unthirldom frae Mexico in 1836, the republic claimed borders that includit aw o the present US state o Texas as well as pairts o present-day Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, an New Mexico based upon the Treaties o Velasco atween the newly creatit Texas Republic an Mexico. The eastren boundary wi the Unitit States wis defined bi the Adams-Onís Treaty atween the Unitit States an Spain in 1819. Its soothren an wastren-maist boondary wi Mexico wis unner dispute throughoot the entire existence o the republic wi Texas claimin the boondary as the Rio Grande (kent as the Río Bravo del Norte or Río Bravo in Mexico), an Mexico claimin the boundary as the Nueces River. This dispute would later acome a trigger for the Mexican–American War frae 1846 tae 1848 atween Mexico an the Unitit States efter the annexation o Texas bi the Unitit States on December 29, 1845.