Republic o Cheenae Airmed Forces

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Republic o Cheenae Airmed Forces
Zhōnghuá Mínguó Guójūn
ROC Ministry of National Defense Seal.svg
Emblem o the Meenistry o Naitional Defence
FoonditJuin 16, 1924
Service branches Republic of China Army
Republic o Cheenae Navy
Republic of China Marine Corps
 Taiwan Air Force
Republic o Cheenae Militar Police
Republic o Cheenae Jynt Logistics Command
Republic o Cheenae Airmed Forces Reserve
HeidquartersTaipei, ROC
Commander-in-Chief President Tsai Ing-wen
Meenister o Naitional Defence Feng Shih-kuan
Chief o the General Staff Admiral Lee Hsi-ming, ROCN
Militar age18 – 40 years o age
Conscription1 year compulsory militar services for male ceetizens atween the age o 19 an 40
Available for
militar service
5,883,828, age 15–40 (2005 est.)
Fit for
militar service
4,749,537, age 15–40 (2005 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
174,173 (2005 est.)
Active personnel290,000 (ranked 16t)
Reserve personnel2,800,000
Budget$10.7 billion (2017 est.) (ranked 20t)
Percent o GDP2.5 (2008 est.)
Domestic suppliersAerospace Industrial Development Corporation
Chungshan Institute o Science an Technology
CSBC Corporation
205t Armory
Foreign suppliers Unitit States
 Sooth Africae
 Unitit Kinrick
 Sooth Korea
Relatit airticles
RanksAirmy ranks
Navy ranks
Air Force ranks

The Republic o Cheenae Airmed Forces are the airmed forces of the Republic o Cheenae nou on Taiwan, encompassing the Airmy, Navy (includin the Republic o Cheenae Marine Corps), Air Force an Militar Polis Force. It is a militar establishment, which accounted for 16.8% o the central budget in the fiscal year o 2003. Syne 2002, the military comes unner the full civilian control of the Meenistry o Naitional Defence an owersicht bi the Legislative Yuan. It wis the Naitional Revolutionary Airmy afore bein renamed as the Republic o Cheenae Airmed Forces in 1947 due tae the implementation o the newly promulgatit Constitution o the Republic o Cheenae (ROC).[2]

Till the 1970s, the militar's primar mission wis tae retak mainland Cheenae frae the communist Fowkrepublic o Cheenae (PRC) throu the Project Naitional Glory.[3] The militar's current foremaist mission is the defence o the islands o Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, an ither ROC's islands against a possible militar invasion bi the Fowk's Leeberation Airmy o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae (PRC), that is seen as the predominant threit tae the Republic o Cheenae (ROC)[4][5] in the ongaein dispute ower the poleetical status o Taiwan.

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