Regiane Alves

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Regiane Alves
Regiane Alves.jpg
Born Regiane Kelly Lima Alves
(1978-08-31) 31 August 1978 (age 39)
Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil Brazil
Spoose Carlos Augusto (1996-1999)
André Felipe Binder (2000-2004)
Thiago Antunes (2009-2010)

Regiane Kelly Lima Alves (Santo André, 31 August 1978), better kent as Regiane Alves, is a Brazilian film an television actress an a umwhile fashion design model.[1] Her first role wis as Ana Clara, the main protagonist in the SBT soap opera Fascinação. Her first prominent roles wur as the villainess Dóris in the Rede Globo soap Mulheres Apaixonadas an as co-protagonist Belinha in the soap opera Cabocla. Her first leadin role in Rede Globo wis as Joana in the soap Beleza Pura. A curious fact is that in Laços de Família, Mulheres Apaixonadas an Páginas da Vida, aw frae author Manoel Carlos, Regiane played antagonists, namely the villainesses Clara, Dóris an Alice, respectively.[2]

Regiane Alves posed for the Brazilian Playboy anniversar issue o 2003.[3] Nivertheless, ootside the media, she declares hersel "shy" an avoidin extreme public exposur.[4]

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