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Reddish South National Rail
Local authorityStockport
Coordinates53°26′10″N 2°09′29″W / 53.4361°N 2.1580°W / 53.4361; -2.1580Coordinates: 53°26′10″N 2°09′29″W / 53.4361°N 2.1580°W / 53.4361; -2.1580
Grid referenceSJ895932
Station codeRDS
Managed biNorthern
Nummer o platforms1
DfT categoryF2
Live arrivals/departurs, station information an onwart connections
frae National Rail Enquiries
Annual rail passenger uissage*
2013/14Decrease 26
2014/15Increase 54
2015/16Decrease 38
2016/17Increase 94
Passenger Transport Executive
PTETransport for Greater Manchester
National RailUK railwey stations
* Annual estimatit passenger uissage based on sales o tickets in statit financial year(s) that end or oreeginate at Reddish South frae Office of Rail and Road statistics. Methodology mey vary year on year.
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Reddish South is a station in Reddish, Stockport, Ingland, on the Stockport–Stalybridge Line. A single track serves a single, bare platform. Unalike Denton, whit haes a bink as its sole passenger faceelity, Reddish South haes nae faceelities whitsoiver, nor any lichtin.[1]

Oreeginally the station conseested o twa island platforms wi fower tracks. Ane o thir track beds haes been sauld aff, while anither haes been filled in. The seicond island is now inaiccessible as thare are no langer staps doun tae it. Afore Mey 1989, the station haed a regular oorly service in baith weys on weekdays an Seturdays, but efter the re-routing o the Leeds tae Manchester via Huddersfield expresses frae Victoria tae Piccadilly stations, the service wis drastically reduced.[2] Frae Mey 1992 till Mey 2018, it wis served bi anely ane train per week, the statutory minimum service level required tae evite primpit closur proceedings. The line is, houaniver, in regular uise for ither traffic, mainly fraucht an empie stock transfers.

The station is a request stap. In theory, prospective passengers maun flag doun the train as it approaches the station; houaniver, in practice, the train uisually staps at ivery station, regairdless o whither or no thare are passengers waitin.

Quatest station in the UK[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accuirding tae the 2007–08 National rail figures, Reddish South haed anely 47 entries an exits in a 12-month speal, makkin it the UK's least-uised railwey station. Twa stations war ranked lawer than this, but war newly appened, an thus didna recuird the hale year.

Wi 26 passenger entries an exits atween Apryle 2013 an Mairch 2014, Reddish South wis the third-least-uised station in Great Britain, efter Teesside Airport railwey station an Shippea Hill railwey station.[3] In 2015, passenger figgurs frae the Office for Rail an Road shawed that Reddish South wis Breetain's fowert-quatest railwey station.[4]

For mony years, the anely service wis the 9:22 Fridays-anely parliamentary train frae Stockport tae Stalybridge cawin at 9:26, whit then conteenad via Denton an Guide Bridge tae Stalybridge.[5]

Local campaigners hae installed airtwark, a flouer-bed an a fence alangside the platform

Reddish daes, hoaniver, hae a seicond station, Reddish North, whit haes a regular service. Heaton Chapel an Brinnington are baith awso nearby.

Closur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Network Rail, in their Route Utilisation Strategy for the North West, hae proponed closur o Reddish South an Denton stations an reteerin o the remaining passenger service. The line itself wad remain appen for fraucht an diverted passenger warkings. Appen-aiccess operator Grand Central proponed uising the line for services atween London Euston an Bradford Interchange via the West Coast Main Line, uisin Guide Bridge or Stalybridge station as a stap; houaniver, its application wis rejected. Thare is a campaign for a regular service frae Stockport tae Manchester Victoria, stapping at Reddish South an Denton.[6]

Current services[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 20 Mey 2018 timetable chynges, Northern introduced a retur service at the station, as weel as shifting the day o operation tae Seturday. The first service departs at 09:00 tae Stockport an then returs at 09:50 tae Stalybridge on Seturdays anely.[7][8]

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