Rectus abdominis muscle

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Rectus abdominis
Rectus abdominis.png
The human rectus abdominis muscle.
OriginCrest o pubis
Insertioncostal cartilages o ribs 5-7 Xiphoid process o sternum.
Arteryinferior epigastric artery
Nervesegmentally bi thoraco-abdominal nerves (T7 to T11) an subcostal (T12)
ActionsFlexion o the lumbar spine
AntagonistErector spinae
Laitinmusculus rectus abdominis
Anatomical terms o muscle
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The rectus abdominis muscle, an aa kent as the "abdominals" or "abs", is a paired muscle runnin vertically on ilk side o the anterior waw o the human abdomen, as weel as that o some ither mammals.