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Drawin o colon seen frae front
(rectum coloured reid)
Anatomy of human rectum and anus-2.png
Anatomy o the anus an rectum
Precursor Hindgut
Artery Superior rectal artery (first twa-thirds o rectum), middle rectal artery (last third o rectum)
Vein Superior rectal veins, middle rectal veins
Nerve Inferior anal nerves, inferior mesenteric ganglia[1]
Lymph Inferior mesenteric lymph nodes, pararectal lymph nodes, internal iliac lymph nodes, Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Laitin Rectum
MeSH A03.556.124.526.767
TA A05.7.04.001
FMA 14544
Anatomical terminology

The rectum (frae the Laitin rectum intestinum, meanin straicht intestine) is the final straicht portion o the lairge intestine in some mammals, an the gut in ithers. The human rectum is aboot 12 centimetres (4.7 in) lang,[2]

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