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Drawin o colon seen frae front
(rectum coloured reid)
Anatomy of human rectum and anus-2.png
Anatomy o the anus an rectum
Precursor Hindgut
Artery Superior rectal artery (first twa-thirds o rectum), middle rectal artery (last third o rectum)
Vein Superior rectal veins, middle rectal veins
Nerve Inferior anal nerves, inferior mesenteric ganglia[1]
Lymph Inferior mesenteric lymph nodes, pararectal lymph nodes, internal iliac lymph nodes, Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Laitin Rectum
MeSH A03.556.124.526.767
TA A05.7.04.001
FMA FMA:14544
Anatomical terminology

The rectum (frae the Laitin rectum intestinum, meanin straicht intestine) is the final straicht portion o the lairge intestine in some mammals, an the gut in ithers. The human rectum is aboot 12 centimetres (4.7 in) lang,[2]

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