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Reality telly

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Reality telly is a genre o televeesion programmin that documents supposedly unscriptit real-life situations, an aften featurs a itherwise unkent cast o indwallers who are teepically no profeesional actors, awtho in some shaws celebrities mey pairticipate. It differs frae documentar televeesion in that the focus tends tae be on drama, personal conflict, an enterteenment rather than eddicatin viewers. Reality TV programs forbye aften bring pairteecipants intae situations an environs that they wad itherwise niver be a pairt o. The genre haes various staundart tropes, includin "confessionals" uised bi cast members tae express their thochts, which aften double as the shaws' narration. Reality TV shaws aften hae a host wha asks questions o the pairteecipants an comments on the proceedins. In competeetion-based reality shows, a notable subset, thare are ither common elements such as ane pairticipant bein eliminatit per episode, a panel o judges, an the concept o "immunity frae elimination."