Real nummer

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A seembol o the set o real nummers (ℝ)

In mathematics, a real nummer is a value that represents a quantity alang a conteenous line. The real nummers include aw the rational nummers, sic as the integer −5 an the fraction 4/3, an aw the irrational nummers sic as √2 (1.41421356… the square ruit o twa, an irrational algebraic nummer) an π (3.14159265…, a transcendental nummer). Real nummers can be thoucht o as pynts on an infinitely lang line cried the nummer line or real line, whaur the pynts correspondin tae integers are equally spaced. Ony real nummer can be determined bi a possibly infinite decimal representation sic as that o 8.632, whaur each consecutive deegit is measured in units ane tent the size o the previous ane. The real line can be thoucht o as a pairt o the complex plane, an correspondingly, complex nummers include real nummers as a special case.