Range Rover

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Range Rover
Logo Range Rover.jpg
Manufacturer Land Rover
Production Syne 1970
Assembly Solihull plant, Solihull, Unitit Kinrick
Enfield, Australie [1]
Body and chassis
Cless SUV
Layoot Front ingine, fower-wheel drive

The Range Rover is a lairge luxury fower-wheel drive sport utility vehicle (SUV) producit bi Breetish caur maker Land Rover, a subsidiar o the Indie multinaitional conglomerate Tata Group, an serves as its flagship model. The model, launched in 1970, is nou in its fowert generation. Land Rover haes expandit the Range Rover model line tae include twa entirely different designs: the Range Rover Evoque an the Range Rover Sport that derive core stylin, brand identity an breadth o capability frae the current Range Rover model.

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