Ralph H. Baer

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Ralph H. Baer
Ralph Baer wirkin on a Brown Box reproduction in 2012
BornRudolf Heinrich Baer
8 Mairch 1922(1922-03-08)
Rodalben, Palatinate, Germany
Died6 December 2014(2014-12-06) (aged 92)
Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S.
ThriftInventor, ingineer
Hauf-marrae(s)Dena Whinston (1952–2006; her daith)
ChilderJames, Mark, Nancy

Ralph Henry Baer (born Rudolf Heinrich Baer; Mairch 8, 1922 – December 6, 2014) wis a German-born American inventor, game developer, an ingineer, an wis kent as "the Faither o Video Gemmes" due tae his mony contreibutions tae gemmes an the video gemme industrie in the latter hauf o the 20t century.[1]

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