Ralph Bunche

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Ralph Bunche
Ralph Bunche - 1963 March on Washington.jpg
BornRalph Johnson Bunche
7 August 1903(1903-08-07) or 1904
Detroit, Michigan
Died9 December 1971(1971-12-09) (aged 68)
New York Ceety, New York
Kent forMediation in Israel, Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Ralph Johnson Bunche (/bʌn/; August 7, 1903 or 1904[1][2][3]  – December 9, 1971) wis an American poleetical scientist, academic, an diplomat wha received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his late 1940s mediation in Israel.[2] He wis the first African American tae be sae honoured in the history o the prize.[4] He wis involved in the formation an admeenistration o the Unitit Naitions. In 1963, he wis awairdit the Medal o Freedom bi Preses John F. Kennedy.

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