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Dooble rainbowe an supernumerary rainbowes on the inside o the primar arc. The shaidae o the photografer's heid on the bottom merks the centre o the rainbowe circle (antisolar pynt).

A rainbowe is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused bi reflection, refraction an dispersion o licht in watyer draplets resultin in a spectrum o licht appearin in the sky. It taks the form o a multicoloured circular arc. Rainbowes caused bi sunlicht ayeweys appear in the section o sky directly opposite the sun.

Rainbowes can be full circles. Houiver, the observer normally sees anerly an arc formed bi illuminatit draplets abuin the grund,[1] an centred on a line frae the sun tae the observer's ee.

In a primary rainbowe, the arc shaws reid on the ooter pairt an violet on the inner side. This rainbowe is caused bi licht bein refractit whan enterin a draplet o watter, then reflectit inside on the back o the droplet an refractit again whan leavin it.

In a dooble rainbowe, a seicond arc is seen ootside the primar arc, an haes the order of its colours reversed, wi reid on the inner side o the arc. This is caused bi the licht bein reflectit twice on the inside o the draplet afore leavin it.

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