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Nae tae be confused wi Real Santander.
Racing de Santander
Fou name Real Racing Club de Santander, S.A.D.
Elk-name(s) Los Racinguistas
Los Verdiblancos (Green an White)
Los Montañeses (The Hielanders)
Foondit Februar 23, 1913; 105 years ago (1913-02-23)
Grund El Sardinero, Santander,
Cantabrie, Spain
(capacity: 22,222)
Chairman Manolo Higuera
Manager Ángel Viadero
League 2ª B – Group 1
2015–16 2ª B – Group 1, 1st
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Away colours
Current season

Real Racing Club de Santander, S.A.D. is a Spaingie fitbaw club based in Santander, in the autonomous commonty o Cantabrie.

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