Rachel Corrie

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Rachel Corrie
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Born Rachel Aliene Corrie
Aprile 10, 1979(1979-04-10)
Olympia, Washington, Unitit States
Died Mairch 16, 2003(2003-03-16) (aged 23)
Rafah, Gaza Strip
Cause o daith
Killed while tryin tae baur an Israeli airmored bulldozer
Naitionality American
Alma mater The Evergreen State College
Kent for Controversy surroondin daith
Hame toun Olympia, Washington, United States
  • Craig Corrie
  • Cindy Corrie

Rachel Aliene Corrie (Aprile 10, 1979 – Mairch 16, 2003) frae Olympia, Washington, wis an American activist an diarist.[1][2] She was a member of a pro-Palestinian group called the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).[3] She wis killed by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) airmored bulldozer in a combat zone in Rafah, in the soothren pairt o the Gaza Strip, unner contestit circumstances[2][4] during the hicht o the seicont Palestinian intifada.[5]

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