RMS Carpathia

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RMS Carpathia
Unitit Kinrick
Name: RMS Carpathia
Ainer: Cunard Line
Port o registry: Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Ireland Liverpuil, U.K.
  • Transatlantic: Liverpool–Queenstown–Boston
  • Transferred tae Liverpool–Queenstown–New York simmers
  • Trieste–Fiume–New York winters
Bigger: C.S. Swan & Hunter, Newcastle upon Tyne[1]
Yard nummer: 274
Laid doun: 10 September 1901
Launched: 6 August 1902
Completit: Februar 1903
Maiden voyage: 5 Mey 1903
In service: 1903–1918
Fate: Torpedoed sootheast o Ireland an wast o the Isles o Scilly bi the Imperial German Navy submarine U-55, 17 Julie 1918
Status: Wrack
General chairacteristics
Teep: Cunard Line transatlantic ocean liner
Tonnage: 13,555 GRT
Lenth: 558 ft (170 m)
Beam: 64 ft 6 in (19.66 m)
Draucht: 34 ft 7 in (10.54 m)
  • 2 × Wallsend Slipway Co. quadruple expansion steam ingines
  • Twin propellers
  • 15.5 kn (17.8 mph; 28.7 km/h) (planned trial speed)
  • 14 kn (16 mph; 26 km/h) (service)
  • 1,704 passengers; efter 1905, 2,550:
    • 1st-cless: 100
    • 2nt-cless: 200
    • 3rd-cless: 2,250

RMS Carpathia wis a Cunard Line transatlantic passenger steamship biggit bi Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson in thair shipyaird in Newcastle upon Tyne, Ingland. In Apryle 1912, she becam famous for rescuin the survivors o rival White Star Line's RMS Titanic efter the latter struck an iceberg an sank wi a loss o 1,517 lifes in the North Atlantic Ocean. Carpathia braved dangerous ice fields an divertit aw steam pouer tae her ingines in her rescue mission. She arrived anerly twa oors efter Titanic haed sunk an rescued 705 survivors frae the ship's lifeboats.

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Coordinates: 49°28′00″N 19°46′00″W / 49.4667°N 19.7667°W / 49.4667; -19.7667