Río de la Plata

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Río de la Plata
River Plate, La Plata River
Rio de la Plata BA 2.JPG
NASA photo of the Río de la Plata looking from northwest to southeast. Buenos Aires is visible on the right side near the Paraná River delta. River sediments turn the water brown to the vicinity of Montevideo, visible on the left coast.
Name oreegin: Spainyie, "river o siller"
Kintras Argentina, Uruguay
 - left Uruguay River, San Juan River, Santa Lucía River
 - right Paraná River, Luján River, Salado River
Ceeties La Plata, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, San Fernando, San Isidro, Vicente López, Avellaneda, Quilmes, Berazategui, Hudson, Punta Lara, Atalaya, San Clemente del Tuyú, Ciudad del Plata, Ciudad de la Costa, Colonia del Sacramento
Soorce confluence o Paraná an Uruguay Rivers
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 34°0′5″S 58°23′37″W / 34.00139°S 58.39361°W / -34.00139; -58.39361 [1]
Mooth Atlantic Ocean
 - location Argentine Sea, Argentinae & Uruguay
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 35°40′S 55°47′W / 35.667°S 55.783°W / -35.667; -55.783Coordinates: 35°40′S 55°47′W / 35.667°S 55.783°W / -35.667; -55.783 [2]
Lenth 290 km (180 mi) [3] 4,876 km including the Paraná
Width 220 km (137 mi) [4]
Basin 3,170,000 km2 (1,224,000 sq mi) [5]
Discharge for mouth
 - average 22,000 m3/s (777,000 cu ft/s) [3]
Cairt o the La Plata Basin, shawin the Río de la Plata at the mooths o the Paraná an Uruguay rivers, near Buenos Aires.
Rio de la Plata 1806.svg
Cairt o the Río de la Plata, shawin ceeties in Argentinae an Uruguay.

The Río de la Plata (Spaingie pronunciation: [ˈri.o ðe la ˈplata], River of Silver) is the estuary formed bi the confluence o the Uruguay an the Paraná rivers.

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