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This airticle is aboot the Philippine province. For ither uisses, see Quezon (disambiguation).
Quezon Provincial Capitol Building
Quezon Provincial Capitol Building
Banner o Quezon
Offeecial seal o Quezon
Nickname(s): The Palm State
Map o the Philippines wi Quezon heichlichtit
Map o the Philippines wi Quezon heichlichtit
Coordinates: 14°10′N 121°50′E / 14.167°N 121.833°E / 14.167; 121.833Coordinates: 14°10′N 121°50′E / 14.167°N 121.833°E / 14.167; 121.833
Kintra Philippines
Region CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Foondit 1591 (as Kalilayan)
Caipital Lucena
 • Teep Province o the Philippines
 • Govrenor David C.Suarez (NUP)
 • Vice Govrenor Samuel B. Nantes (LP)
 • Total 9,069.60 km2 (3,501.79 sq mi)
Aurie rank 6th out of 80
Population (2010)[2]
 • Tot 1,740,638
 • Rank 13t oot o 80
 • Density 190/km2 (500/sq mi)
 • Density rank 44t oot o 80
  Excludes Lucena City
 • Independent ceeties 1
 • Component ceeties 1
 • Municipalities 39
 • Barangays 1,209
includin independent ceeties: 1,242
 • Destricts 1st tae 4t destricts o Quezon (shared wi Lucena)
 • Ethnic groups Tagalog (93%), Bisaya (3%), Bicolano (3%), Ithers (1%)
 • Leids Tagalog (Tayabas dialect), Inglis
Time zone PHT (UTC+8)
ZIP code 4300 tae 4342
Dialin code 42
ISO 3166 code PH-QUE
Wabsteid www.quezon.gov.ph

Quezon (Tagalog pronunciation: [keˈzon]) is a province o the Philippines in the CALABARZON region o Luzon island. The province wis namit efter Manuel L. Quezon, the seicont Preses o the Philippines, an its caipital is Lucena.

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