Que te perdone Dios

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Que te perdone Dios
An aw kent asMay god forgive you
Creautit biCaridad Bravo Adams
Based onAbrazame muy fuerte (2000)
Pecado mortal (1960)
Written biJuan Carlos Acala
Rene Muñoz
Liliana Abud
Co Adaptions
Jorge Cervantes
Rosa Salazar
Fermin Zuñiga
Directit biSergio Catano
Claudio Reyes Rubio
StarninZuria Vega
Mark Tacher
Sergio Goyri
Rebecca Jones
Theme muisic componerJorge Eduardo Murguia Pedraza
Mauricio Lopez de Arriaga
Appenin theme"Aunque ahora estés con él" by Calibre 50[1]
Kintra o oreeginMexico
Oreeginal leid(s)Spanish
No. o episodes2
Executive producer(s)Angelli Nesma Medina
Producer(s)J. Ignacio Alarcon (associate exceutive producer)
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato (2015)
Televisa San Ángel, Mexico City, D.F.
CinematografieArmando Zafra
Manuel Barajas
Eeditor(s)Octavio Lopez Reyes
Daniel Renteria Carmona
Alfredo Juarez Gutierrez
DistributorTelevisa Internacional
Oreeginal networkUnivisión[2]
Canal de las Estrellas
Pictur format480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Oreeginal releaseOriginal run:
January 19, 2015—present[3]
Second run:
February 16, 2015[4]
Follaed biA que no me dejas
Related shawsPecado mortal (1960)
Abrázame muy fuerte (2000)

Que te perdone Dios, kent as Que te perdone Dios, yo no an aw,[5] is an Mexican telenovela producit bi Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa. It is the remak o the telenovela Abrázame muy fuerte producit in 2000.[6] The telenovela aired first in the Unitit States bi Univision, an in Mexico, it will be released in 2015, efter the completion o Yo no creo en los hombres.[7] The production o the telenovela began on 15 November 2014.[6]

Zuria Vega, Mark Tacher an Rebecca Jones starn as the protagonists. While Sergio Goyri, Sabine Moussier an Altair Jarabo starn as the main antagonists.

Plot[eedit | eedit soorce]

This is the story o Renata Flores del Angel (Irán Castillo, Rebecca Jones), a young woman frae a wealthy faimily who faws for Pablo Ramos (Brandon Peniche), the foreman o the estate o her faither. She knows it's a relationship that her faither, Don Bruno Flores Riquelme (Eric del Castillo), never approve, an when learns that Renata is in luve wi Pablo, threatening tae kill him, nae knowing that Renata is already pregnant wi the daughter o Pablo. Bruno banishes Renata an Macaria Rios (Alejandra García,Sabine Moussier), her servant, tae Ciudad de Valle, (San Miguel de Allende), the Guanajuato caipital, tae hae the baby thare. Bi the management o Fausto López-Guerra (Sergio Goyri), little Abigail Rios / Abigail Ramos Flores (Zuria Vega) comes back tae the hacienda as Macaria's daughter.

Years pass an Renata, in order tae be wi her daughter, is forced tae mairy Fausto, (Fausto loves Renata) an ambitious an cruel man. Frae then on, she acts as Abigail's "godmother". Fausto provokes an accident which leaves Renata blind, in order tae hae Renata's fortune. Fausto is happy aboot the arrival o his nephew Mateo (Mark Tacher) tae the hacienda. He is a young, handsome, an daring man who haes recently completit his studies o medicine overseas.

Mateo faws in luve wi Diana Montero (Altair Jarabo), wioot knowing that she is the lover o his uncle. When Fausto finds oot aboot this relationship, he opposes it an separates Diana frae his nephew. Meanwhile, frae the moment she meets Mateo, Abigail faws in luve wi him—the twa end up thegither, provoking hate in Diana, who alang wi Fausto, tries tae separate the young couple. Thay achieve is the separation o the twa lovers, but thay arena able tae destroy the luve that Abigail an Mateo feel for each ither.

Mateo finally haes his teacher, friend, an specialist in ophthalmology review Renata's case o blindness tae see if he can operate on her. Dr. Patricio Duarte (Rene Strickler) secretly faws in luve wi Renata an haes a great interest in helpin Renata recover her sicht again. The twa form a very special friendship an luve despite Renata's marriage tae Fausto. Until his untimely demise, Patricio daes everything he can tae keep Renata safe, but, when Fausto finds oot that Renata an Dr. Duarte are in luve, Fausto kills Dr. Duarte. Ance again, Renata loses the luve o her life. Fausto, wi the hopes o haein Abigail in his possession at whatever cost, tries tae abuse her, but Renata daes nae allou it.

In the end, Fausto efter bein forced tae flee Ciudad de Valle (San Miguel de Allende), returns efter some time tae find Renata. He pulls a gun on her an juist as he tries tae kill her, Fausto haes been shot tae daith bi Macaria. Mateo an Abigail get mairit an finally hae the peace that thay need.

Cast[eedit | eedit soorce]

Actor/Actress Character Description
*Zuria Vega Abigail Rios / Abigail Ramos Flores Renata's goddaughter and daughter, Macaria's illegalmate daughter, Constanza and Bruno's granddaughter, Amanda's illegemate granddaughter, Diego's ex love interest, Diana's enemy, in love with Mateo.
*Mark Tacher Mateo López–Guerra Fuentes a neurosurgeon doctor, Fausto's uncle and biological son, Renata's niece, Diana's ex-husband, Helena's son, Diego's friend and biological half-brother, in love with Abigail.
*Sergio Goyri Fausto López-Guerra Renata's husband, Mateo's nephew and biological father, Diego's biological father, Macaria and Ximena's ex-love interest, Diana's lover and husband, Lucio's boss, Gerardo's brother, Bruno (friend) and Constanza's son in law, Helena's former lover and brother in law, responsible for the deaths of Pablo, Mano, Diego and Meliton, killed by Macaria.
*Rebecca Jones Renata Flores del Angel de López-Guerra Bruno and Constanza's daughter, Fausto's wife, Mateo's aunt, Pablo's former love interest, Abigail's godmother and mother, Macaria's friend and enemy.
*Sabine Moussier Macaria Rios an servant, Amanda's daughter, Abigail's illegelmate mother, Fausto's ex-love interest, Renata's friend and enemy, responsible for the deaths of Daniela and Fausto.
*María Sorté Helena Fuentes vda. de López-Guerra Mateo's mother, Gerardo's widow, Fausto's former lover and sister in law, accidentally killed by Diego.
*Rene Strickler Dr. Patricio Duarte a doctor, Renata's love interest.
*Ana Bertha Espín   Doña Constanza del Angel Vda. de Flores Bruno's widow, Renata's mother, Abigail's grandmother, Fausto's mother in law.
*Ferdinando Valencia Diego Muñoz / Diego Muñoz López-Guerra Mateo's friend and biological half-brother, Vicenta's grandson, Fausto's biological son, Abigail's ex-love interest, responsible for the death of Helena, killed by Fausto.
*Alejandro Avila Lucio Ramirez [8] Fausto's boss, Max's biological father, responsible for the deaths of Padre Francisco, Fausto's brother Gerardo, Diego's grandmother Vicenta, Fredy, Mia, killed by Toño .
*Manuel Ojeda Meliton a folk healer, shot dead by Fausto.
*Laisha Wilkins Ximena Negrete Vda. de Zarazua / Daniela Negrete Ximena
Daniela's twin sister, Pofirio's widow, responsible for the death of her own parents.
Ximena's twin sister, Pofirio's sister in law, responsible for the death of her own parents and Porfirio, killed by Macaria.
*Dacia González Vicenta Muñoz A maid, Diego's grandmother, Bruno's deceased sister , assassinated by Lucio.
*Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez Simona Sanchez Fredy and Antonio's mother.
*Ana Patricia Rojo Efigenia de la Cruz y Ferreira [9] Edvuiges' sister.
*Fabian Robles Julio Acosta Montero / Julian Montero Mia's son, Diana's cousin, ended up jail.
*Alejandra Ávalos Mia Montero Vda. de Acosta Diana's aunt, Julio's mother, killed by Lucio.
*Antonio Medellien Padre Francisco Ojeda Bernal A priest, Tomas' nephew, Killed by Lucio, caused a car accident.
Moises Arizemendi Pofirio Zarazua Ximena's husband, Max's uncle, Daniela's brother in law, Casilda's dedicated brother in law, Joaquin's dedicated brother, Killed by Daniela.
*Hector Saez Commandate Efrain Barragan A town deputy police officer.
*Alejandra Procuna Eduviges de la Cruz y Ferreira Efigenia's sister.
*Raúl Olivo Jaime Diaz "Motor" a mechanic.
*Oscar Bonfiglio Marcelino A former town deputy mayor.
*Julio Mannino Benito .
*Myrrha Saaverda Amanda Rios Macaria's mother, Abigail's grandmother.
*Carlos Athié Maximilliano "Max" Zarazúa Lucio's biological son, Pofirio's uncle, Joaquin and Casilda's dedicated son.
*Adriano Zendejas Antonio "Toño" Sanchez Fredy's brother, Simona's son, responsible for the death of Lucio.
*Santiago Hernandez Alfredo "Fredy" Sanchez Antonio's brother, Simona's son, killed by Lucio.
*Rafael Amandor Cantinero .
*Ivan Caraza Mano Negra Julio's friend and ex-convict, killed by Fausto.
*Jose Maria Galeano Padre Tomas Ojeda Bernal a village priest, who replaced by own Padre Francisco's uncle
*Alejandra Robles Gil Teodora .
*Daniela Basso Juanita .
*Lakshmi Picazo Nieves .
*Altair Jarabo Diana Montero de López-Guerra Mateo's ex-wife, Fausto's lover and wife, Julio's cousin, Mia's niece, Abigail's enemy, commits suicide with the falling to her death in the cliff.
*Iran Castillo Renata Flores del Angel [10]   Young
*Eric del Castillo Don Bruno Flores Riquelme [11] Renata's cruel father, Constanza's husband, Macaria's boss, Abigail's grandfather, Fausto's friend and father in law, died from a heart attack, at the Fausto and Renata's wedding.
*Brandon Peniche Pablo Ramos[10]   a farmer, Renata's umwhile luve interest, killed bi Fausto.
Alejandra García Macaria Rios young.

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