Qu Yuan

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Qu Yuan
Qu Yuan Chen Hongshou 2.jpg
Portrait o Qu Yuan bi Chen Hongshou (17t century)
Bornc. 340 BC
State o Chu, in modren Hubei, China
Dee'd278 BC
Miluo River
ThriftPoet, govrenment meenister
Qu Yuan
Qu Yuan (Chinese characters).svg
"Qu Yuan" in auncient seal script (tap) an regular (bottom) Cheenese chairacters

Qu Yuan (c. 340–278 BC)[1][2][3] wis a Cheenese poet an meenister wha lived during the Warrin States period o auncient Cheenae. He is kent for his patriotism an contreibutions tae clessical poetry an verses, especially throu the poems o the Chu Ci anthology (kent as The Sangs o the Sooth or Sangs o Chu an aw): a volume o poems attributit tae or conseedert tae be inspired bi his verse writin. Thegither wi the Shi Jing, the Chu Ci is ane o the twa great collections o auncient Cheenese verse. He is remembered as the supposed origin o the Dragon Boat Festival an aw.

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