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The Qaem (or Ghaem) refers tae twa completely separate Iranian wappens: an air-tae-grund glide bomb and a ground-tae-air missile. These twa weapons are similarly sized and identeecally named, and are baith developit frae the Toophan missile, but are separate wappen seestems.

Qaem grund tae air missile[eedit | eedit soorce]

A ground-tae-air Qaem missile.

This is an Iranian SACLOS beam-riding SHORAD surface-tae-air missile.[1][2] With a range of sax kilometers and a maximum altitude of twa kilometers, the Qaem is intendit for uise against UAVs and low flying or stationary helicopters.[3] The Qaem is a development of the Toophan missile, itself an unlicensit copy of the American BGM-71 TOW missile, and enterit mass production in 2010.[4][5]

The Qaem anti-aircraft missile uises a laser guidance seestem.[6] Iran also produces a variant, the Qaem-M, which adds a proximity fuse.[7]

Qaem air tae grund bomb[eedit | eedit soorce]

a Qaem air-tae-grund muneetion seen on a Mohajer-6 UAV.

A completely unrelatit Iranian muneetion, but an aa named "Qaem", is carried Qods Mohajer-6 UAVs.[8]

The Qaem is available in twa variants: the Qaem 1, with a suspectit infrareid seeker, and a variant simply named Qaem, with suspectit laser guidance.[8][9]

The Qaem A2G glide bomb is relatit tae the Sadid-345 glide bomb, but haes different weengs and size.[10]

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