Qadr (muneetion)

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Qadr bomb

The 9A Qadr is an Iranian surface tae grund precision-guidit muneetion (PGM). It is Iran's first generation of air-launched bomb. It wis developed bi the missile-manufacturing companies of the Iranian Meenistry of Defence, nae the well-established Aerospace Industries Organisation, who biggit Iran surface-tae-surface guidit wappens. [1]

The GBU-67/9A Qadr is an unpouered Electro-Optically guidit Glide-Bomb (EO GB), biggit aroond a 2,000 lb Mk 84 cless bomb body. Baith the Qadr and the Zoobin haeve been designed around standard US-pattern general-purpose bomb shapes, frae existing IRIAF stocks. Baith wappens haeve an aa been gieiven US-style `GBU' and `AGM' designations, although the designers say that these nummers haeve nae greater signifeecance beyond inventory management and pairts stocks.[1]

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