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Type 05 (Weisheng Chongfeng Qiang QCW-05)
QCW05 - 5.8mm submachine gun 20170919.jpg
QCW05 - 5.8mm submachine gun
TeepBullpup submachine gun, Personal defense weapon
Place o oreegin Cheenae
Service history
Uised biFowk's Liberation Airmy
Airmed Forces o the Islamic Republic o Iran
Production history
DesignerJianshe Industry (Group) Corporation
ManufacturerCheenae Sooth Industries Group
VariantsJS 9 mm, QCQ-05
Wecht2.2 kg (4.85 lb)
Lenth500 mm (19.7 in)
Baurel lenth250 mm (9.8 in)

Cartridge5.8×21mm (DAP92 and DCV05)
ActionBlowback, open bolt
Rate o fire900 rounds/min
Muzzle velocityQCW-05 - 150 m/s, QCQ-05 - 321 m/s
Effective firin range200 m
Maximum firin range400 m
Feed seestem50-round detachable box magazine
SichtsFlip-up rear sight

The QCW-05 (Cheenese: 微声冲锋枪, 2005; pinyin: Wēishēng Chōngfēng Qiāng, 2005; leeterally: "Suppressed Submachine Gun, 2005") (officially translated in pinyin as Qiāng Chōngfēng Wēishēng, literally 'Gun, Assault, Suppressed') (also referred to as the Type 05) is a suppressed bullpup submachine gun, manufactured and developed by the Fowk's Liberation Airmy (PLA) 208 Research Institute and Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation of Chongqing under the Cheenae Sooth Industries Group for the Fowk's Liberation Airmy Ground Force, the Fowk's Liberation Airmy Special Operations Forces, the Fowk's Armed Polis an the Airmed Forces o the Islamic Republic o Iran (Grund Forces o the Islamic Republic o Iran Airmy Grund Forces, Islamic Revolutionary Gaird Corps an the Law Enforcement Force o the Islamic Republic o Iran). This wappen is designed for the 5.8×21mm DCV05[1] sub-sonic round that is also used by the QSW-06 Silenced Pistol.

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