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Pytheas o Massalia
Statue o Pytheas ootside the Palais de la Bourse, Marseilles.
BornApproximately 350 BC
DiedApproximately 285 BC
Kent forEarliest voyage tae Breetain, the Baltic, an the Arctic Circle for which thare is a record, author o Periplus.
Scientific career
FieldsGeography, exploration, navigation
InfluencedSubsequent classical geographers an explorers

Pytheas o Massalia, or Laitin Massilia (Auncient Greek Πυθέας ὁ Μασσαλιώτης, 4t century BC), wis a Greek geographer an explorer frae the Greek colony, Massalia (modren-day Marseilles). He made a voyage o exploration tae northwastren Europe at aboot 325 BC.