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Pytheas o Massalia
Statue o Pytheas ootside the Palais de la Bourse, Marseilles.
Born Approximately 350 BC
Died Approximately 285 BC
Ceetizenship Massaliote
Naitionality Greek
Fields Geography, exploration, navigation
Kent for Earliest voyage tae Breetain, the Baltic, an the Arctic Circle for which thare is a record, author o Periplus.
Influenced Subsequent classical geographers an explorers

Pytheas o Massalia, or Laitin Massilia (Auncient Greek Πυθέας ὁ Μασσαλιώτης, 4t century BC), wis a Greek geographer an explorer frae the Greek colony, Massalia (modren-day Marseilles). He made a voyage o exploration tae northwastren Europe at aboot 325 BC.