Putumayo River

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Putumayo River
Río Içá
Putumayo at Puerto Asis, Colombie
Kintras Brazil, Colombie, Ecuador, Peru
 - left Guamués River, San Miguel
 - right Cara Paraná
Soorce Andes Moontains
 - location East o Pasto, Colombie
 - elevation 8,000 m (26,247 ft)
Mooth Amazon River
 - location Santo Antônio do Içá, Brazil
 - coordinates 3°8′6″S 67°58′27″W / 3.13500°S 67.97417°W / -3.13500; -67.97417Coordinates: 3°8′6″S 67°58′27″W / 3.13500°S 67.97417°W / -3.13500; -67.97417
Lenth 1,610 km (1,000 mi) [1]
Cairt o the Amazon Basin wi the Putumayo River heichlichtit in pink

The Putumayo River (Spaingie: Río Putumayo, Portuguese: Río Içá) is ane o the tributaries o the Amazon River, wast o an parallel tae the Japurá River.[1][2]

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