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Eye iris.jpg
The pupil is the central appenin o the iris on the inside o the ee, that uisually appears black. The grey/blue or broun aurie surrounding the pupil is the iris. The white ooter area o the ee is the sclera. The central outermost transparent colourless pairt o the eye (throu that we can see the iris an pupil) is the cornea.
Schematic diagram of the human eye en.svg
Cross-section o the human ee, shawin the poseetion o the pupil.
Pairt oEe
SystemVeesual seestem
LaitinPupilla. (Plural: Pupillae)
Anatomical terminology

The pupil is a black hole locatit in the centre o the iris o the ee that allous licht tae strick the retina.[1]

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