Puerto Carreño

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Puerto Carreño
Banner o Puerto Carreño
Location o the toun an municipality o Puerto Carreño in the Depairtment o Vichada.
Location o the toun an municipality o Puerto Carreño in the Depairtment o Vichada.
Coordinates: 6°11′N 67°28′W / 6.183°N 67.467°W / 6.183; -67.467
 • MayorLuis Eduardo Medina Amaya
51 m (167 ft)
Time zoneUTC-5

Puerto Carreño is the depairtmental caipital, an a municipality, o the depairtment o Vichada in the llanos o Colombie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1913 the Colombie govrenment creatit the province (comisaria) o Vichada an it wis decidit that its caipital shoud be at the convergence o the Orinoco an Meta rivers whaur thare wis a sma veelage kent locally as El Picacho.[1] In 1934 the toun wis renamit efter Pedro Maria Carreño, the Colombie Meenister o External Relations frae 1912 tae 1913.[2] The "municipio" (similar tae coonty in the U.S.) wis creatit in 1974.[1][3] On 5 Julie 1991, Vichada's status wis updatit tae "departamento" unner the Colombie Constitution an Puerto Carreño wis ratifee'd as its caipital.

The DANE (Colombie govrenment's bureau for statistics) projectit Puerto Carreño's municipal population tae be aroond 10,034 for 2005, based on the 1993 Census. Thare are some Indigenous tribes athin Puerto Carreño's admeenistrative zone as well.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipality o Puerto Carreño is locatit on the extreme northeastren pairt o the Depairtment o Vichada borderin tae the north an east wi Venezuela uisin the Meta an Orinoco rivers]] as borders. Tae the sooth Puerto Carreño limits wi the municipality o Cumaribo an tae the wast wi the municipality o La Primavera.[4]

The aurie o the municipality is uniformly flat, awtho thare is a vera slicht rise at the toun which gave it its oreeginal name. The climate is hot an dry, wi a hivy rain saison frae Aprile throu October averagin a temperatur o 28 °C.[4]

The aurie o the municipality is athin the Llanos plains which covers auries in Colombie an Venezuela. Geologically the municipality o Puerto Carreño lees on the Guiana Shield maistly made up bi cenozoic an precambric formations, wi some law altitude muntains such as the Munts o Casuarito an the Hormiga an Guaripa muntains.[4]

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Economic activity is based on agricultural an ranchin activities, fishin, an minin. Thare is some internaitional tradin activity wi Venezuelan touns athort the border, athort the Orinoco River. Main products in the region are rice, yuca an plantain. Artisan fishing is practicit alang ranchin. Thare are gowd an siller mines, exploitit in a rudimentar wey. The municipality aften trade commercially wi neebourin toun o Puerto Páez in Venezuela.[5]

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