Puerto Ayora

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Puerto Ayora
The skyline of Puerto Ayora.
The skyline of Puerto Ayora.
Motto(s): "El corazón de las Galápagos"
Puerto Ayora is locatit in Galápagos Islands
Puerto Ayora
Puerto Ayora
Location in the Galápagos
Coordinates: 0°45′0″S 90°19′0″W / 0.75000°S 90.31667°W / -0.75000; -90.31667
Kintra Ecuador
Province Galápagos
Canton Santa Cruz
Parishes List of urban parishes
Population (2010)
 • Tot 11,974
Time zone ECT (UTC-5)

Puerto Ayora is a toun in central Galápagos, Ecuador. Locatit on the soothren shore o Santa Cruz Island, it is the seat o Santa Cruz Canton. The toun is namit in honour o Isidro Ayora, an Ecuadorian preses. The toun is whiles mistakenly referred tae as Santa Cruz.

Puerto Ayora at nicht on the Island o Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.
Fresh Watter Swimmin in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos on the Island o Santa Cruz.

Puerto Ayora is the maist populous toun in the Galápagos Islands, wi mair nor 12,000 indwallers. Puerto Ayora haes the best developit infrastructur in the airchipelago. The lairger o the twa Galápagos banks, Banco del Pacifico, is locatit in Puerto Ayora, as well as schools, hotels, restaurants, clothin stores, haurdware stores, grocery stores, marine stores, tourist shops an nicht clubs. It is the best place in Galápagos for communicatin wi the ootside warld via numerous cybercafes wi Internet access or telephone offices.

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Panoramic o Black Turtle Cove, Island o Santa Cruz, Galapagos.