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Entrance to Prudentópolis.
Entrance to Prudentópolis.
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Coordinates: 25°12′46″S 50°58′40″W / 25.21278°S 50.97778°W / -25.21278; -50.97778
Kintra Brazil
MesoregionSudeste Paranaense
 • Total50,614
Time zoneUTC -3

Prudentópolis is a Brazilian municipality in the state o Paraná, in Soothren Brazil. As o 2008, it haed a population o 50,614 fowk.[1] It is the centre o the Ukrainian commonty in Brazil.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1882, the project o the construction o roads in central Paraná attractit the first faimilies tae the region. Firmo Mendes de Queiroz, stryndit frae Bandeirantes, settled thare, livin on agricultur. He biggit a chapel, giein birth tae a place cried "Vilinha" (Little Veelage) bi its indwallers. In 1894, the govrenment decidit tae colonize the region o São João dae Capanema. Cândido Ferreira de Abreu, the awner o this colony, decidit tae chynge its name tae Prudentópolis, in honour o Brazilian preses Prudente de Morais. In 1895, tae settle this region, 1,500 Ukrainian faimilies, aboot 8,000 fowk, came tae Prudentópolis. This immigration continued till the 1920s.[2]

Nouadays, Prudentópolis is hame tae the lairgest population o Ukrainian strynd in Brazil (75% o its indwallers). Ither ethnic groups that mak up its population are Italians, Poles an Germans.

The Ukrainian cultur is still preservit bi its indwallers: the Ukrainian leid is taught in local schuils, the Ukrainian rite haes thare the see o ane Catholic eparchy an thare are teepically Ukrainian constructions.

Mairower, the toun is surroondit bi 100 watterfaws, which attract as well mony tourists.[3]

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