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Province o Forlì-Cesena

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Map heichlichtin the location o the province o Forlì-Cesena in Italy

The Province o Forlì-Cesena (Italian: Provincia di Forlì-Cesena) is a province in the Emilia–Romagna region o Italy. Its caipital is the ceety o Forlì.

It haes an aurie of 2,377 km², an a total population o 371,318 (2005). There are 30 comuni (singular: comune) in the province[1] Archived 2007-08-07 at the Wayback Machine, see Comuni of the Province of Forlì-Cesena. As o Mey 31, 2005, the main comuni bi population are:

Comune Population
Forlì 111,974
Cesena 93,672
Cesenatico 23,151
Savignano sul Rubicone 16,013
Forlimpopoli 12,134
San Mauro Pascoli 10,328
Gambettola 9,790
Meldola 9,693
Bertinoro 9,485
Gatteo 7,325
Mercato Saraceno 6,468
Predappio 6,362
Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole 6,296
Longiano 6,099
Bagno di Romagna 6,086

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