Province o Ciudad Real

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Province o Ciudad Real
Coat o airms o Province o Ciudad Real
Coat o airms
Map o Spain wi Province o Ciudad Real heichlichtit
Map o Spain wi Province o Ciudad Real heichlichtit
Coordinates: 39°00′N 4°00′W / 39.000°N 4.000°W / 39.000; -4.000Coordinates: 39°00′N 4°00′W / 39.000°N 4.000°W / 39.000; -4.000
Kintra Spain
Autonomous commonty Castile-La Mancha
Caipital Ciudad Real
 • Preses Nemesio de Lara Guerrero (PSOE)
 • Total 19,813 km2 (7,650 sq mi)
Aurie rank Rankit 3rd
  3.93% of Spain
Population (2005)
 • Tot 506,864
 • Rank Rankit 30th
 • Density 26/km2 (66/sq mi)
  1.13% of Spain
Demonym(s) Ciudarrealeños
Offeecial leid(s) Spainyie
Pairlament Cortes Generales

The province o Ciudad Real (pronoonced: [θjuˈðað reˈal]) is a province in the soothwastren pairt o the autonomous commonty o Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It is bordered bi the provinces o Cuenca, Albacete, Jaén, Córdoba, Badajoz, an Toledo. It is pairtly locatit in the auld naitural region o La Mancha. Its caipital is Ciudad Real.

The historical comarca Campo de Calatrava is locatit in the centre o the province.

Protectit auries[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Tablas de Daimiel Naitional Pairk is locatit in Ciudad Real an the Cabañeros Naitional Pairk is shared wi the Province o Toledo.

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