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Science professor lectures tae varsity students
Occupation teep
teachin, resairch
Activity sectors
CompetenciesAcademic knawledge, resairch, writin jurnal airticles or beuk chapters, teachin
Eddication required
Whiles a master's degree, but teepically a doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D.) or ither terminal degree
Relatit jobs
Teacher, lecturer, reader, resaircher

Professor, informally eften kent as full professor, is the heichest academic rank at varsities an ither post-seicontar eddication an resairch institutions in maist kintras. Leeterally, professor derives frae Laitin as a "person wha professes" bein usually an expert in airts or sciences, a teacher o the heichest rank.[1] In some kintras, the wird professor is an aa uised in teetles o lawer ranks such as associate professor an assistant professor.

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