Pritzker Airchitectur Prize

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Pritzker Airchitectur Prize
Medal of Pritzker Architecture Prize (front).gif
Medal o the Pritzker Airchitectur Prize
Awairdit forA career o achievement in the airt o airchitectur.
SponsorHyatt Foundation
First awairdit1979
Last awairdit2017

The Pritzker Airchitectur Prize is awairdit annually "tae honour a livin airchitect or airchitects whase biggit wark demonstrates a combination o thae qualities o talent, veesion an commitment, which haes produced conseestent an signeeficant contreibutions tae humanity an the biggit environment throu the airt o airchitectur."[1] Foondit in 1979 bi Jay A. Pritzker an his wife Cindy, the awaird is fundit bi the Pritzker faimily an sponsored bi the Hyatt Foundation. It is conseedert tae be ane o the warld's premier airchitectur prizes,[2] an is eften referred tae as the Nobel Prize o airchitectur.[3][4][5]

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