Prism (geometry)

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Set o uniform prisms
Uniform prisms
(A hexagonal prism is shawn)
Type uniform polyhedron
Faces 2+n total:
2 {n}
n {4}
Edges 3n
Vertices 2n
Schläfli seembol {n}×{} or t{2, n}
Coxeter-Dynkin diagram CDel node 1.pngCDel n.pngCDel node.pngCDel 2.pngCDel node 1.png
Vertex configuration 4.4.n
Symmetry group Dnh, [n,2], (*n22), order 4n
Rotation group Dn, [n,2]+, (n22), order 2n
Dual polyhedron bipyramids
Properties convex, semi-regular vertex-transitive
Generalized prisim net.svg
n-gonal prism net (n = 9 here)

In geometry, a prism is a polyhedron wi an n-sided polygonal base, a translatit copy (nae in the same plane as the first), an n ither faces (necessarily aw parallelograms) jynin correspondin sides o the twa bases. Aw cross-sections parallel tae the base faces are the same. Prisms are named for thair base, sae a prism wi a pentagonal base is cried a pentagonal prism. The prisms are a subclass o the prismatoids.