Princeton Varsity

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Princeton Varsity
Laitin: Universitas Princetoniensis
Former names
College o New Jersey (1746–1896)
Motto Dei Sub Numine Viget (Laitin)[1]:51
Motto in Inglis
Under God's Power She Flourishes[1]:51
Established 1746
Type Private
Endowment $22.723 billion (2015)[2]
Preses Christopher L. Eisgruber
Academic staff
Admeenistrative staff
Students 8,088
Unnergraduates 5,391[3]
Postgraduates 2,697
Location Princeton, New Jersey, Unitit States
Campus Suburban, 500 acres (2.0 km2)
Colors Orange an Black[4]
Athletics NCAA Diveesion I
Ivy League, ECAC Hockey, EARC, EIVA
Sports 38 varsity teams
Nickname Tigers
Affiliations AAU

Princeton Varsity is a private Ivy League research varsity in Princeton, New Jersey, Unitit States.

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