Princess Vilhelmine Ernestine o Denmark

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Wilhelmine Ernestine o Denmark
Wilhelmine-Ernestine de Danemark, duchesse de Bavière.jpg
Electresses o the Palatinate
Born20 or 21 Juin 1650
Dee'd22 or 23 Aprile 1706 (aged 55)
SpouseKarl II, Elector Palatine
FaitherFrederick III o Denmark
MitherSophie Amalie o Brunswick-Lüneburg

Princess Vilhelmine Ernestine o Denmark 20 or 21 Juin 1650 – 22 or 23 Aprile 1706) wis an Electress o the Palatinate. She wis the third o five daughters o Keeng Frederick III o Denmark an Sophie Amalie o Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 20 September 1671, she mairit Karl II, Elector o the Palatinate. They haed nae childer. The union haed been organised bi Sophia o Hanover.

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