Princess Maria Theresia o Liechtenstein

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Princess Maria Theresia
Coontess o Soissons
Meytens - Maria Theresia of Liechtenstein, Countess of Soissons - Liechtenstein Museum.jpg
Princess Maria Theresia bi Meytens.
Born 11 Mey 1694(1694-05-11)
Dee'd 20 Februar 1772(1772-02-20) (aged 77)
Vienna, Austrick
Spouse Thomas Emmanuel, Coont o Soissons
Issue Eugene Jean, Coont o Soissons
Full name
Maria Theresia Anna Felicitas von und zu Liechtenstein
Hoose Liechtenstein (bi birth)
Savoy (Carignano branch bi mairiage)
Faither Hans Adam I, Prince o Liechtenstein
Mither Princess Edmunda o Dietrichstein-Nikolsburg

Princess Maria Theresia o Liechtenstein (Maria Theresia Anna Felicitas; 11 Mey 1694 – 20 Februar 1772) wis a Princess o the Hoose o Liechtenstein bi birth an wis later the Coontess o Soissons bi her mairiage

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 24 October 1713 she mairit Prince Emmanuel Thomas o Savoy, Coont o Soissons, a member o the Hoose o Savoy an descendant o Thomas Francis o Savoy, Prince o Carignano. The couple haed one son.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Prince Eugene Jean o Savoy, Coont o Soissons (23 September 1714 – 24 November 1734) mairit Maria Teresa Cybo-Malaspina bi proxy, but died 13 days after without childer.

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