Princess Maria Antonia o Parma

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Maria Antonia o Parma
Princess o Parma
"Sister Luigia Maria"
Johann Zoffany 008.jpg
Maria Antonia an her siblings, 1778, Johan Zoffany.
Born28 November 1774(1774-11-28)
Parma, Parma, Italy
Dee'd20 Februar 1841(1841-02-20) (aged 66)
Roum, Italy
Full name
Maria Antonia Giuseppa Walburga Anna Luisa Vicenza Margherita Caterina di Borbone
HooseBourbons o Parma
FaitherFerdinand, Duke o Parma
MitherMaria Amalia o Austrick
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Maria Antonia o Parma (Maria Antonia Giuseppa Walburga Anna Luisa Vicenza Margherita Caterina; 28 November 1774 – 20 Februar 1841) wis a Princess o Parma, dochter o Ferdinand I o Parma an his wife, Maria Amalia o Austrick. Contrary tae what haes been frequently stated, she wis nae named efter her aunt, Marie Antoinette, who wis nae her godmother. Maria Antonia's godparents war her uncle, Joseph II, Haly Roman Emperor, an her faither's aunt, Maria Antonia o Spain, Queen o Sardinie, efter whom the princess wis named. A quiet person, Maria Antonia never mairit an became an Ursuline novice in 1802. The follaein year, on 22 Apryle 1803, she offeecially received the habit o an Ursuline nun an changed her name tae Sister Louise Marie (Luigia Maria). Efter the daith o her mither in 1804, her sister moved tae Roum. Maria Antonie remained in Prague until the faw o Napoleon, efter which she returned tae Parma. During the follaein years she led a quiet an modest life in the Ursuline convent in Parma. Efter mony years o livin thare, on 9 May 1831, she moved tae the Convent o St Agatha in Roum, whaur she died in 1841.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 28 November 1774 – 22 Aprile 1803 Her Ryal Highness Princess Maria Antonia o Parma.

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