Princess Gabriella o Savoy

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Princess Gabriella o Savoy
Princess o Lobkowicz
Full name
Maria Gabriella di Savoia
Born17 Mey 1748
Palazzo Carignano, Turin, Italy
Dee'd10 Apryle 1828 (aged 79)
Palais Lobkowitz, Vienna, Austrick
Spoose(s)Ferdinand Philipp, Prince o Lobkowicz
FaitherLouis Victor, Prince o Carignano
MitherChristine o Hesse-Rotenburg
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Princess Gabriella o Savoy (Maria Gabriella; 17 Mey 1748 - 10 Apryle 1828) wis a member o the Carignano branch o the Hoose o Savoy bi birth, an the Princess o Hoose o Lobkowicz as a result o her 1769 mairiage tae the heid o the Czech noble faimilie, the Hoose o Lobkowicz. She wis cried Gabriella von Lobkowicz an aw. She wis a sister o the princesse de lamballe an aa the Prince o Carignano wha wis the grandfaither o the future Keeng Charles Albert o Sardinie.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On Juin 24 1769 in Settimo Torinese, Turin, she mairit Ferdinand Philipp, Prince o Lobkowicz. Thay wed officially in Vienna on Julie 10. Thay haed ane son.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Joseph Franz Maximilian, Prince o Lobkowitz (8 December 1772 – 16 December 1816) mairit Princess Marie Karoline o Schwarzenberg an haed issue.

Teetles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 8 December 1772 - Julie 10 1769 Her Serene Highness Princess Gabriella o Savoy.
  • Julie 10 1769 - 14 Januar 1784 Her Serene Highness The Princess o Lobkowitz.
  • 14 Januar 1784 - 10 Apryle 1828 Her Serene Highness The Dowager Princess o Lobkowitz.