Princess Charlotte Amalie o Denmark

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Charlotte Amalie o Denmark
Peder Wichmann - Charlotte Amalie of Denmark.png
Portrait bi Peder Wichmann.
Born6 October 1706(1706-10-06)
Copenhagen Castle
Dee'd28 October 1782(1782-10-28) (aged 76)
BuirialRoskilde Cathedral
FaitherFrederick IV o Denmark
MitherLouise o Mecklenburg-Güstrow

Princess Charlotte Amalie o Denmark an Norawa (6 October 1706 – 28 October 1782) wis a Danish princess o Denmark, as a dochter o King Frederick IV o Denmark an Louise o Mecklenburg-Güstrow. Charlotte Amalie niver mairit. In 1725, she wis placed on the leet o 99 princesses regarded as suitable for mairiage with the young Louis XV o Fraunce (which would require that she convert tae Catholicism), but she wis removed frae the leet. Charlottenlund Pailace, where she spent her summers, wis built an named efter her in 1731–1733. She wis also a sister o Christian VI o Denmark wha, in the early 1730s, her brither the king tried tae arrange a mairiage atween her andFrederick, Prince o Wales, but the negotiations did nae succeed an she remained unmairit.