Princess Caroline o Denmark

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Caroline o Denmark
Hereditary Princess o Denmark
1793 Caroline.jpg
Painting bi August Schiøtt (1854)
Born28 October 1793(1793-10-28)
Christiansborg Pailace, Copenhagen
Dee'd31 Mairch 1881(1881-03-31) (aged 87)
BuirialRoskilde Cathedral
SpouseFerdinand, Hereditary Prince o Denmark
FaitherFrederick VI o Denmark
MitherMarie o Hesse-Kassel

Princess Caroline o Denmark (Dens: Caroline af Danmark; 28 October 1793, – 31 Mairch 1881), wis the auldest surviving dochter o King Frederick VI. She was unofficially kent as "Kronprinsesse Caroline" (English: Croun Princess Caroline) prior tae her mairiage, an later as "Arveprinsesse Caroline" (Inglis: Hereditary Princess Caroline). She mairit her faither’s first cousin, Hereditary Prince Ferdinand, wha wis heir presumptive tae the throne frae 1848 tae 1863. They haed nae issue. She met Hans Christian Andersen in 1822.