Princess Auguste o Mecklenburg-Güstrow

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Princess Auguste o Mecklenburg-Güstrow
Augusta von Mecklenburg-Güstrow 1752.JPG
Princess Auguste wi the Ordre de l'Union parfaite.
BornDecember 27 1674
Dee'dMey 9 1756 (aged 81)
Schloss Dargun, Dargun
Spouseniver mairit
Issuenae kent issue
FaitherGustav Adolph, Duke o Mecklenburg-Güstrow
MitherMagdalene Sibylle o Holstein-Gottorp

Princess Auguste o Mecklenburg-Güstrow an aw cried the "Princess o Dargun" (December 27 1674 - Mey 9 1756) she wis a younger sister o Queen Louise o Denmark an Norawa an a dochter o Gustav Adolf, Duke o Mecklenburg-Güstrow. Auguste wis the last permanent resident o the castle at Dargun. During her time there were again major modifications an extensions. The princess chose the west an sooth wings for herself. She wis awardit the Ordre de l'Union parfaite bi her nephew Christian IV o Denmark.