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The teetle o Prince o Condé was a title used in France while the country was a monarchy For example prior to 1793. The holder o the teetle wis a member o the extended royal family and therefore held the rank and further title of Prince o the bluid an the style o Maist Serene Highness but the style wis only uised when in writing. The holder o the teetle also held the important further rank o First Prince o the bluid. The heir wis usually gien the teetle o Duke o Bourbon an at other times the Duke o Enghien. The teetle wis only tae be inherited bi the male line as females were expelled frae tae succeeding tae teetles. The teetle existed for almost twa centuries an during that time the prince wis ane o the highest ranking prince behind that o the actual ryal faimily.

Over the years the princes were uised tae make political an financial mairiages with member o the wealthy French nobility as well as princesses o other European ruling hooses. The prince wis a member o the French Bourbons o Fraunce.

  1. Louis de Bourbon (1546-1569) Founder o the line and a younger son o a Queen o Navarre and frae which the Coont o Soissons line descends.
  2. Henri de Bourbon (1569–1588) A Lieutenant General o New Fraunce (Modern day Canada)
  3. Henri de Bourbon (1588–1646) It is frae him that the Princes o Conti descend.
  4. Louis, Grand Condé (1646–1686) famous military man during the reign o Louis XIV.
  5. Henri Jules de Bourbon (1686–1709) famous for his madness.
  6. Louis de Bourbon (1709–1710) forced to make a mairiage with an illegitimate dochter o Louis XIV.
  7. Louis Henri de Bourbon (1710–1740) known better as the Duke o Bourbon. He wis also a Prime Meinister o Fraunce during the reign o Louis XV
  8. Louis Joseph (1740–1818)
  9. Louis Henri (1818–1830). Last Bourbon Prince o Condé
  10. Prince Louis o Orléans (1845–1866). A grandson o Louis Philippe I (courtesy teetle)

Small note[eedit | eedit soorce]

Princes an princesses o this line o the Hoose o Bourbon are often incorrectly surnamed "Bourbon-Condé". Which is incorrect. Their surname wis just "de Bourbon".

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