Prince Wilhelm o Proushie (1783-1851)

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Prince Wilhelm
Prince Wilhelm o Proushie
Born 3 Julie 1783(1783-07-03)
Berliner Schloss, Berlin, Proushie
Dee'd 28 September 1851(1851-09-28) (aged 68)
Berlin, Proushie
Spouse Maria Anna o Hesse-Homburg
Issue Prince Adalbert
Elisabeth, Princess Karl o Hesse an bi Rhine
Prince Waldemar
Marie, Queen o Bavarie
Full name
Friedrich Wilhelm Karl
Hoose Hohenzollern
Faither Frederick William II o Proushie
Mither Frederika Louisa o Hesse-Darmstadt

Prince Wilhelm o Proushie (Friedrich Wilhelm Karl; 3 Julie 1783 – 28 September 1851) wis a son o Frederick William II o Proushie an Frederika Louisa o Hesse-Darmstadt.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1804 he mairit his first cousin Princess Maria Anna o Hesse-Homburg, daughter o Frederick V, Landgrave o Hesse-Homburg an Karoline o Hesse-Darmstadt (his mither's sister), they haed childer.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Princess Amalie Friederike Luise Karoline Wilhelmine o Proushie (4 Julie 1805 – 23 November 1805); died in infancy.
  2. Princess Irene o Proushie (born an died 3 November 1806); stillborn.
  3. unnamed son (born and died 30 August 1809); stillborn.
  4. Prince Friedrich Tassilo Wilhelm o Proushie (29 October 1811 – 9 Januar 1813); died in infancy.
  5. Prince Heinrich Wilhelm Adalbert o Proushie (29 October 1811 – 6 Juin 1873) mairit morganatically Therese Elssler an haed childer.
  6. Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Tassilo o Proushie (15 November 1813 – 9 Januar 1814); died in infancy.
  7. Princess Marie Elisabeth Karoline Viktoria o Proushie (18 Juin 1815 – 21 Mairch 1885); mairit Prince Karl o Hesse an bi Rhine an haed childer.
  8. Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Waldemar o Proushie (2 August 1817 – 17 Februar 1849)
  9. Princess Marie Friederike Franziska Hedwig o Proushie (15 October 1825 – 17 Mey 1889); mairit Keeng Maximilian II o Bavarie an haed childer.

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