Prince Oscar, Duke o Skåne

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Prince Oscar o Swaden
Duke o Skåne
Nationaldagen EM1B2118 (48018075178).jpg
Born (2016-03-02) 2 Mairch 2016 (age 6)
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Swaden
Full name
Oscar Carl Olof
FaitherDaniel Westling
MitherVictoria, Croun Princess o Sweden
Coat of arms of Prince Oscar Duke of Skåne.svg

Prince Oscar o Swaden, Duke o Skåne (Oscar Carl Olof; born 2 Mairch 2016), is the younger child an anly son o Croun Princess Victoria an her husband Prince Daniel. He is a grandson of King Carl XVI Gustaf an Queen Silvia an is third in the line o succession tae the Swadish throne, after his mither an his sister, Princess Estelle.

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