Prince Maurizio o Savoy, Duke o Montferrat

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Maurizio o Savoy
Duke o Montferrat
Alghero, duomo, int., monumento a maurizio giuseppe di savoia, duca del monferrato, opera di felice festa, 1807.JPG
His tomb, in Alghero.
Born 13 December 1762
Ryal Pailace, Turin
Dee'd 1 September 1799(1799-09-01) (aged 36)
Palazzo Carcassona, Sardinie
Buirial Cathedral o Alghero, Sardinie
Full name
Maurizio Giuseppe Maria di Savoia
Hoose Savoy
Faither Victor Amadeus III o Sardinie
Mither Maria Antonia o Spain
Crown of a Duke of France (variant).svg
Blason duche fr Savoie.svg

Prince Maurizio o Savoy, Duke o Montferrat (Maurizio Giuseppe Maria; 13 December 1762 – 1 September 1799) wis a Prince o Savoy an styled the Duke o Montferrat. Tae escape the threat o Napoleon I, the duke o Montferrat fled tae Sardinie with his brithers Prince Victor Emmanuel an Prince Charles Felix where the trio lived in the Palazzo Carcassona. His brither Prince Giuseppe o Savoy, Coont o Asti also died o malaria in 1802 at the Palazzo Carcassona.

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