Prince Ludwig Ernst o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

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Prince Ludwig Ernst o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Ludwig Ernst (1718-1788) Herzog zu Braunschweig - Wolfenbüttel - Bevern.jpg
Dee'd1788 (aged 69)
FaitherFerdinand Albert II o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
MitherPrincess Antoinette o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Prince Ludwig Ernst o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (25 September 1718 – 12 Mey 1788) wis a field-marshal in the airmies o the Haly Roman Empire an the Dutch Republic, the electit Duke o Courland (1741). Frae 13 November 1750 tae 1766 he was the Captain-General o the Netherlands, where he was kent as the Duke o Brunswick or (tae distinguish him frae his eldest brither Charles, wha succeedit tae their faither's teetle o Duke o Brunswick-Lüneburg) Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Anither brither wis Duke Ferdinand o Brunswick who led the Allied Anglo-German army during the Seven Years' War.