Prince Louis, Coont o Aquila

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Prince Louis o the Twa Sicilies
Coont o Aquila
Prince Louis bi Giuseppe Cammarano.
Born 19 Julie 1824(1824-07-19)
Naples, Twa Sicilies
Dee'd 5 Mairch 1897(1897-03-05) (aged 72)
Paris, Fraunce
Spouse Princess Januária o Brazil
Issue Prince Luigi, Coont o Roccaguglielma
Princess Maria Isabella
Prince Filippo
Prince Maria Emanuele
Full name
Luigi Carlo Maria Giuseppe di Borbone
Hoose Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies
Faither Francis I o the Twa Sicilies
Mither Maria Isabella o Spain
Releegion Roman Catholic
Coat of Arms of Princes of the Two Sicilies (c.1840).svg

Prince Louis o the Twa Sicilies, Coont o Aquila (Luigi Carlo Maria Giuseppe; 19 Julie 1824 – 5 Mairch 1897) wis a Prince o the Twa Sicilies kent as the "Coont o Aquila" He mairit a daughter o Pedro I o Brazil an haed childer He died in Paris. He wis a brither o the Queen o Spain, Empress o Brazil an Keeng o the Twa Sicilies. He wis created an honorary member o the Brazilian Navy an Vice-Admiral o the Real Marina (Ryal Marina" o the Kinrick o the Twa Sicilies. He wis made Viceroy o Sicily in 1848.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Prince Louis mairit Princess Januária o Brazil 28 Aprile 1844 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His sister Teresa Cristina o the Twa Sicilies haed mairit Januária's brither Emperor Pedro II o Brazil since 1842. She wis a daughter o Pedro I o Brazil an Maria Leopoldina o Austrick.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Prince Luigi o the Twa Sicilies, Coont o Roccaguglielma (18 Julie 1845–27 November 1909). Luigi mairit Maria Amelia Bellow-Hamel an haed childer.
  2. Princess Maria Isabella o o the Twa Sicilies (22 Julie 1846 – 14 Februar 1859)
  3. Prince Filippo o the Twa Sicilies (12 August 1847 – 9 Julie 1922) mairit morganatically Flora Boonen but haed nae childer.
  4. Prince Maria Emanuele o the Twa Sicilies (24 Januar 1851 – 26 Januar 1851).

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