Prince Heinrich o Proushie (1726–1802)

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Prince Heinrich
Prinz heinrich von preussen 00.png
Portrait of Heinrich in 1745.
Born18 Januar 1726(1726-01-18)
Berlin, Prussia
Dee'd3 August 1802(1802-08-03) (aged 76)
Rheinsberg, Proushie
BuirialRheinsberg Palace, Rheinsberg, Germany
SpousePrincess Wilhelmina o Hesse-Kassel (m. 1752–1802)
Full name
Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig
FaitherFrederick William I o Proushie
MitherSophia Dorothea o Hanover
ThriftSoldier, statesman

Prince Frederick Heinrich o Proushie (Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig; 18 Januar 1726 – 3 August 1802), commonly kent as Henry, was a Prince o the Kinrick o Proushie an the younger brither o Frederick the Great. He also served as a general an statesman, leading Proushie airmies in the Silesian Wars an the Seven Years' War, having never lost a battle in the latter. In 1786, he wis suggestit as a candidate for a monarch for the Unitit States.