Prince George o Denmark

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Prince George o Denmark
Duke o Cumberland
George, Prince of Denmark by Michael Dahl.jpg
Portrait bi Michael Dahl
Consort o the Breetish monarch
Tenur8 Mairch 1702 – 28 October 1708
Born2 Apryle 1653
Copenhagen Castle, Denmark
Dee'd28 October 1708(1708-10-28) (aged 55)
Kensington Pailace, London, England, Great Britain
Buirial28 October 1708 (aged 55)
Westminster Abbey
SpouseAnne, Queen o Great Britain
IssuePrince William, Duke o Gloucester
FaitherFrederick III o Denmark
MitherSophie Amalie o Brunswick-Lüneburg
Coat of Arms of George of Denmark, Duke of Cumberland.svg

Prince George o Denmark (2 Apryle 1653 – 28 October 1708) wis a Prince o Denmark bi birth an later he mairit Anne, Queen o Great Britain, dochter o Keeng James II o Ingland an sister o Mary II o Ingland. George wis also a Prince o Norawa.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2 Apryle 1653 – 10 Apryle 1689 His Ryal Highness Prince George o Denmark an Norawa.
  • 10 Apryle 1689 – 28 October 1708 His Ryal Highness Prince George o Denmark an Norawa, Duke o Cumberland.

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